About Us

We are a team of talented developers extremely passionate about software development. To get it right for you today, tomorrow and in the future, we continuously study the latest trends, adapt to new solutions and use the most up to date technology available that Keeps Up with the Pace of Your Business. We design intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive web applications and mobile apps that help streamline processes for businesses as well as create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses alike. Since our inception in 2014, we have pioneered custom solutions that have become central components in our client’s business success. Our vast technology and industry expertise enables us to partner with clients to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget.


We only do things we really understand. We are not experts at everything, nor do we want to be. We focus only on selected technology and procedures which we have fully mastered. We educate ourselves, follow innovations and learn from our mistakes, which we do not repeat because we share all of our knowledge in a knowledge base.


We believe that state-of-the-art technology, science and also the people who create it develop best in an environment which stimulates cooperation and open discussion. This is why this is the type of environment we create in our company. Development of the potential of the individual thus goes hand in hand with the development of the whole team and development of technology.


We admit that we are elitists. Average – that means not good enough in our book. But it is not only intelligence, talent, and knowledge which will get you into our team. Being one of us means being a top specialist in the field of information technologies, being hard-working, conscientious and being able to accept responsibility not only for your own work but also for the work of the whole team.


We work on ourselves. Nothing stops us.
We have talent, commitment, perseverance, and willpower. We are able to complete any project successfully. We continuously work on ourselves, Rocky Balboa is our role model. We don’t give up. Ever.

We keep our word. Always and whatever the cost.
We keep our promises. Our word is more than a contract. We are never satisfied with the second-best quality and unfinished work.

We play together as a team. One for all and all for one.
What we do is more than just work. It is our life, our calling. We expect enthusiasm and fervor from each of our colleagues. We share our successes and failures, we work and have fun together. There is no “I” in our company. Only “WE”.

Changes are opportunities, not obstacles.
Life is a constantly and never-ending change. For us, this means endless opportunities for improvement of the individual, our products, services and our company and its surroundings.

Trust and loyalty form the basis of a solid relationship.
Trust is not just something extra. It is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients and colleagues and our guiding principle in thinking about relationships.

We create an environment based on the people.
Cooperation is built on people and their abilities, not on policies and processes. We encourage a teamwork and respect an individuality. We are always looking for way to “yes“ and we can always come to an agreement.


  • Custom software development
  • Outsourcing of software development
  • Administration and operation of applications
  • Integration of company systems and data
  • Consultation and advice in the field of software quality assurance

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Why choose us

  • We work on ourselves. Nothing stops us.
  • We keep our word. Always and whatever the cost.
  • We play together as a team. One for all and all for one.
  • Changes are opportunities, not obstacles.
  • Trust and loyalty form the basis of a solid relationship.
  • We create an environment based on the people.

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